Tower Family Foundation Auction

The Shirt Off Your Back….

The Tower Family Foundation auction will be held in conjunction with NATE UNITE 2015 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The auction will be held during the Tuesday night reception on February 24. We would like to use your company’s shirts or other branded items to raise funds for the families of injured or fallen tower workers. This auction will feature games where the shirts or other items will be used as prizes for the attendees of NATE UNITE 2015.

These games will make it affordable and accessible for virtually ALL NATE UNITE attendees to engage in and contribute to a wonderful cause! Please send your shirts or branded items to the following address:

Tower Raffle
3075 North Forsyth Road
Winter Park, FL 32792

Should you have any questions, please call Tower Family Foundation President Jim Tracy at: 253-686-0250

For more information on the Foundation, please visit: