Testimonial Quotes

I was surprised, shocked in fact, to be contacted by the Tower Family Foundation while I was lying in a hospital bed following surgery to repair a shattered pelvis. A few days earlier I had fallen 30’ from a tower to an adjacent rooftop.

The foundation’s generous financial assistance made a world of difference during my recovery. The funds they provided covered my insurance deductible, the cost of some needed medical equipment and helped to pay our household bills for several weeks.

I will be forever grateful to the Tower Family Foundation, and to all those who give of their hard-earned income to support the Foundation’s work. They have blessed our lives.

Randy and Debbie Smith
Randy’s Tower Service
Rolla, Kansas

“My husband, Ernie Jones, was killed in a tragic accident on a tall tower in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on Oct. 21, 2015.  He had been gone on a standard four day tower inspection trip.  He was due home on Thursday, the day after his accident. 

The news and reality of his accident were almost unbearable.  I was a grieving widow with a lot on my plate. Insurance money was not immediately available to me and our granddaughter who we had recently adopted.

The Tower Family Foundation stepped up to the plate and within a couple weeks I receive a check in the mail for a substantial amount. I opened the check, dropped to my knees and cried! This money and support from the foundation made a very difficult situation bearable. I will be forever grateful to the Tower Family Foundation.”

Kathy Jones
Rancher Triple “J” Ranch
Lynnville, Indiana 

“The Colorado Wireless Association is dedicated to promoting, supporting, and educating our wireless industry members. We feel that the Tower Family Foundation’s mission of taking care of wireless workers injured or deceased is the most basic and important way we can look out for the best interests of those who work in the same wireless industry we support. It’s therefore our honor to be able to donate to, and work with, the Tower Family Foundation.”

Dan McVaugh, President
Colorado Wireless Association
Parker, Colorado