Tower Family Foundation Expands Scholarship Program

(Watertown, SD) – The Tower Family Foundation, a 501c-3 non-profit organization, announced today that the eligibility criteria for its scholarship program has been expanded to include severely injured or permanently disabled tower workers. The revised scholarship guidelines are effective immediately and will ensure that eligible tower workers who sustain serious injuries on the job can now receive a Tower Family Foundation scholarship to continue their post-secondary education efforts. The Foundation’s previous eligibility criteria focused exclusively on providing scholarship funds to the legal dependents of injured or deceased tower workers.

“The expansion of the Tower Family Foundation scholarship program is yet another tangible step that helps fulfill the organization’s primary mission of providing support and caring for industry workers and their families,” stated Board of Directors member Jim Coleman from AT&T. “The financial resources available through the Tower Family Foundation Scholarship Program offers great opportunities for injured workers who can no longer work in the industry to continue their education,” added Coleman.

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