Rise and Climb




While the one and only original “Rise and Climb” painting will be sold at live auction during NATE UNITE 2020, You can add a piece of amazing tower art to your office, lobby or home. Many of these prints are on display in the headquarters of all the major influencers in the wireless infrastructure business.

“Rise and Climb” is the second in the series and was actually conceived when a Tower Climber snapped a still photo of his partner at the beginning of a day at work. This theme was developed and presented to famed artist Joanne Shellan as a commissioned project. Joanne Shellan is a renowned artist who has garnered attention from collectors, galleries and exhibitions. Her awards include selection to represent Washington State in the Governor’s Mansion and almost two dozen solo shows.

Joanne did a remarkable job of capturing the sunrise colors and the energy that a climber experiences at the start of a fresh day. Toward the end of the painting’s completion, the commissioner named the painting “Rise and Climb” based upon the knowledge of what it really feels like to ascend a tower in good weather.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 36 × .5 × .5 in